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Hearts In Bondage


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Hearts In Bondage

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Lieutenant Kenneth Reynolds, a Naval officer, falls in love with Constance Jordan. Ken's friends with Raymond Jordan, also in the Navy; he's in love with Julie Buchanan. Captain Buchanan, however, sides with the Confederacy when his home state Virginia secedes, while Constance and Ken stay loyal to the U.S. When ordered to burn the Merrimack with the rest of Gosport Navy Yard as the Confederate militia advance, Ken instead sinks it. He's courtmartialed and thrown out of the Navy. Ken then goes to work for his uncle, John Ericsson, to work on the Monitor. After getting into, and (thanks to some strategic mint juleps) out of, a contract debacle, the Monitor is approved and with some difficulty, launched. Ken then fights and wins a place aboard the Monitor despite his dishonourable discharge. Now he has to fight the Merrimack and a horrible twist of fate, while trying to reconcile Constance and getting some help from a highly unlikely source.

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