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Superman Volcano


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Superman Volcano

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When Mt. Monokoa, a volcano laying dormant for 300 years begins to show signs of renewing life once again, Clark Kent and Lois Lane accompany a U.S. Expedition of Engineers sent to study the event. Once there, Lois dupes Clark out of his press pass so she can get the full story for herself. She learns of plans to use a dynamite blast to divert the flow of lava (when Monokoa blows it top) away from the nearby inhabited city and direct the lava flow instead towards the nearby ocean. Only Mt. Monokoa doesn't co-operate with those plans when it erupts before anyone expected, damaging the wire connections set to trigger the explosion along the way. Now the lava is flowing right towards the city and Lois ends up trapped by it as well. No doubt this is a job for Superman, but can even he find a means to stop the fantastic approach of this force of nature? Like the majority of these films, the pacing is non-stop action and fun...honestly one never notices the eight minutes pass. This film does add a little bit of reporter rivalry between Lois Lane and Clark Kent not as often seen in this film series as it would be in later interpretations. One criticism that could be made of this film is how it once again uses that same old tried and true formula of Superman rushing once more to save Lois as well as the day.

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