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Superman The Mummy Strikes


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Superman The Mummy Strikes

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Finding her superior, Dr. Jordan, poisoned from a needle injection in the Mummy's tomb he had been researching, Dr. Jordan's assistant, Jane Hogan ,is found guilty of the crime herself when she mistakenly handles the needle putting her fingerprints all over it. Clark Kent receives a tip from another researcher of Egyptian artifacts, one Dr. Wilson, that he has found proof that will help prove Miss Hogan's innocence. Dr. Wilson tells the story of the ancient Egyptian ruler Dr. Jordan has been researching: King Tush, a king who died very young but who was to be protected upon his death, as he was in his life, by his own personal gigantic guardians. He also reveals that the Tomb of King Tush also carries a curse which will fall upon anyone that disturbs it. Then when Clark examines the tomb, he discovers a poisonous needle awaits any who dares touch it. Aside from that, the disturbance also triggers the re-awakening of King Tush's long dead gigantic guards who are bent on destroying any (Including Wilson, Clark Kent and a certain stowaway reporter named Lois Lane who has secretly trailed Clark Kent to his rendezvous with Dr. Wilson) that dare disturb the rest of their master! Basically this is Superman versus King Tush's reanimated giant guards. Honestly it proves something of a letdown. One is left longing here for a confrontation or at least an appearance by a more traditional, wrapped up in bandages, mummy. Sadly this never materializes. Also, the animation proves nowhere near as memorable as in previous films. It lacks the level of background detail that made so many of these "Superman" films look distinctive. In fact, it looks rushed.

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