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Superman Showdown


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Superman Showdown

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A no-good crook has been using Superman's uniform and identity to commit a series of daring robberies. Due to this, many are left wondering if perhaps Superman has turned foe? In order to clear his good name and find the real culprit behind all of this, Superman trails his phony who soon gives up the whereabouts of his "Boss" when faced down by Superman...only this "Big Boss" has some surprises of his own in store for Superman. This is as much fun to watch as any film from this series, has some startling visuals (the opera house, the underground getaway) and visual tricks (for example the use of Superman's logo in two memorable scenes, one in which the phony is first confronted by the real Superman and later when the "Big Boss" makes a mistake in identity between the two dressed as Superman). Finally this certainly doesn't overstay its welcome in its short eight minutes.

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