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Superman Destruction Inc


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Superman Destruction Inc

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Our story opens in a swampland surrounding, with frogs croaking and crickets chirping. All seems quite peaceful and content but then we notice something rather startling...a man's hand is sinking slowly but surely under the swamp water! Suddenly a car speeds away in an hurry! Could it be murder? Back in Metropolis a few days later, Lois and Clark are sent undercover to investigate the Metropolis Munitions Works after the previously mentioned body is finally discovered and found to be that of the night watchman who worked at the Munitions plant. Lois heads to the personnel office and gets a job painting numbers on torpedoes, hoping that she'll stumble onto a story. Sure enough some snooping leads her to uncover the real truth: a number of men working at the plant are in actuality saboteurs who have now rigged it to explode when the night watchman throws a certain switch! However she gets caught and despite a valiant effort to escape eventually winds up stuffed inside a torpedo due for testing later that evening. Just where is Superman when Lois needs him here and will he, can he, save Lois and still prevent the destruction of the Metropolis Munitions Works by these nasty saboteurs? Exciting, fast-paced action and fun. That pretty much sums this one up. Nice to see Lois put up a really good effort to escape on her own here and the final scene where Lois sees right through one of Clark Kent's disguises and not another I felt was priceless.

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