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Superman Bulleteers


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Superman Bulleteers

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Following their destruction of Metropolis' Police Headquarters, a group of extortionists named The Bulleteers threaten to use their high-powered "Bullet Car" to terrorize Metropolis by demolishing more buildings in the City unless the Mayor turns over the city's entire treasury fund. When the Mayor refuses to give in to their demands and mobilizes Metropolis' troops against them, the Bulleteers set out to carry out their threat of destruction and also attempt to loot the treasury while they are at it. Eventually only Superman stands in their way but can even Superman stop their unusual vehicle? This film like most from the series has good, fast-paced action, is easy to follow and is fun to watch. The "Bullet Car" makes for an interesting, different kind of foe for Superman. This vehicle can transform from a rocket for take-off to an airplane in flight to a missile when it rams buildings destroying them completely while the "Bullet Car" itself remains unscathed. I liked how the Mayor wouldn't give into the demands of the Bulleteers and yes Lois Lane does wind up their captive (as one soon comes to expect from this series of films).

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